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JNA API 3.2.7

Package com.sun.jna

Provides simplified native library access.


Interface Summary
AltCallingConvention Tagging interface to indicate the library or callback uses an alternate calling convention.
Callback All callback definitions must derive from this interface.
CallbackProxy Placeholder proxy interface to allow an InvocationHandler to convert arguments/return values on callback methods.
FromNativeConverter Define conversion from a native type to the appropriate Java type.
Function.PostCallRead Any argument which implements this interface will have the method called immediately after function invocation.
FunctionMapper Provides mapping of Java method names to native function names.
InvocationMapper Provide a method for overriding how a given function is invoked.
Library Derive from this interface for all native library definitions.
NativeMapped Provide conversion for a Java type to and from a native type.
Structure.ByReference Tagging interface to indicate the address of an instance of the Structure type is to be used within a Structure definition rather than nesting the full Structure contents.
Structure.ByValue Tagging interface to indicate the value of an instance of the Structure type is to be used in function invocations rather than its address.
ToNativeConverter Define conversion from a Java type to its corresponding native type.
TypeConverter Convenience interface for bidirectional conversion.
TypeMapper Provides converters for conversion to and from native types.

Class Summary
CallbackParameterContext Provide argument conversion context for a callback invocation.
CallbackReference Provides a reference to an association between a native callback closure and a Java Callback closure.
CallbackResultContext Conversion context from a Java Callback result to a native value.
DefaultTypeMapper Provide custom mappings to and from native types.
FromNativeContext Provides context for converting a native value into a Java type.
Function An abstraction for a native function pointer.
FunctionResultContext Provide result conversion context for a function call.
IntegerType Represents a native integer value, which may have a platform-specific size (e.g.
Memory A Pointer to memory obtained from the native heap via a call to malloc.
MethodResultContext Provide result conversion context for a function call that is called via a Library interface.
Native Provides generation of invocation plumbing for a defined native library interface.
Native.DeleteNativeLibrary For internal use only.
NativeLibrary Provides management of native library resources.
NativeLong Represents the long C data type, which may be 32 or 64 bits on *nix-based systems.
NativeMappedConverter Provides type conversion for instances of NativeMapped.
NativeString Provides a temporary allocation of an immutable C string (const char* or const wchar_t*) for use when converting a Java String into a native memory function argument.
Platform Provide simplified platform information.
Pointer An abstraction for a native pointer data type.
PointerType Type representing a type-safe native pointer.
StringArray Handle native array of char* or wchar_t* type by managing allocation/disposal of native strings within an array of pointers.
Structure Represents a native structure with a Java peer class.
Structure.FFIType This class auto-generates an ffi_type structure appropriate for a given structure for use by libffi.
StructureReadContext Provide native to Java type conversion context for a Structure field read.
StructureWriteContext Provide Java to native type conversion context for a Structure field write.
ToNativeContext Context for converting a Java value to a native one.
Union Represents a native union.
WString Simple wrapper class to identify a wide string argument or return type.

Exception Summary
LastErrorException Exception representing a non-zero error code returned in either errno or GetLastError().

Package com.sun.jna Description

Provides simplified native library access. See the overview for usage details.

JNA API 3.2.7

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